A.A. Group and A.A. Individual Contributions to the General Service Board can now be made online!

GSB CONTRIBUTIONS ONLINE is an internet / web application that allows A.A. members and A.A. Groups to make contributions to the U.S./Canada General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous.  

A contribution through CONTRIBUTIONS ONLINE may be done using either of two methods of payment:  credit card or electronic check (also know as "e-check").

An e-check is a form of payment in which funds are electronically transferred from the contributor's checking account to the checking account of the General Service Board. (Due to banking regulations the e-check option may only be used for funds drawn on accounts in U.S. banks.)

Both of these methods have become widely accepted forms of payment and may be familiar to anyone who has made an online purchase from an Internet merchant.

Before using CONTRIBUTIONS ONLINE, the General Service Office highly recommends that members view the video tutorials and also review important security information by clicking the link that reads "Security and Privacy Considerations" located on the CONTRIBUTIONS ONLINE home page.

In preparation for your visit to the G.S.B.'s Contributions Online site

  • Selecting a user name and password (initial visit only) This will take a few minutes, depending on your computer skills; most individuals have found this process easy to complete;
  • Will you be using a credit card or check? Have the credit card or check with you when to fill out the necessary fields; this process also takes a few minutes, depending on your skills;
  • Will the contribution acknowledgment be mailed or e-mailed to someone other than you? If the contribution receipt will be sent to someone else, have the other person's e-mail or mailing address handy.
  • It is highly recommended that members view the video tutorials prior to using CONTRIBUTIONS ONLINE for the first time. When connecting to the video, members will need to enter the password: "ctb042010". The video may be accessed at: http://www.screencast.com/t/OTFkNjUyNGEt 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The General Service Office (G.S.O.) does NOT recommend accessing CONTRIBUTIONS ONLINE from a public or workplace computer and suggests instead that members using computers in such locations continue to make their contributions to the G.S.O. through the traditional telephone or postal mail methods.

For a copy of the "G.S.B.'s Guidelines and General Usability Tips for Members" click here

To go to the GSB Contributions Online site, click here