Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous General Service!

This page is meant to introduce new G.S.R.'s to General Service and provide resources to help all G.S.R.'s better serve their groups.

The G.S.R may be the most important job in A.A.

As an elected General Service Representative (G.S.R.) you now represent the voice of your A.A. Group's Conscience to the A.A. General Service Conference held in New York each April.

The general service representatives (G.S.R.s) of the U.S. and Canada are the very foundation of our general service structure. Through your G.S.R., you can make your group’s voice heard at District meetings, at Area assemblies, and eventually at the General Service Conference.

Between yourself, your elected District Committee Member (D.C.M.) and the Eastern Ontario Area Delegate, you will become the two-way link between your group and the world of A.A. as a whole. As such, you and your fellow G.S.R.'s all over the world have become the key to the unity of A.A. 

As a new G.S.R you are entitled to a "G.S.R Kit" from the General Service Office. Speak to your DCM or the Area Registrar to receive your copy.  If you haven't received yours, you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE